COVID Response

Latest Updates

as of March 10, 2022

  • FULL: Full, in-person learning and campus operations.
  • MASKS: Masks are optional for all individuals on campus. Only exception is positive cases returning on day 6-10.
  • SYMPTOM MONITORING: Stay home if you have any 1 major symptom or any 2 minor symptoms.

Masks are optional on campus for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. This includes during the school day, as well as part of after school activities such as practices, rehearsals, competitions, performances, events, and club meetings.

Students will be asked to put on a mask in the School Nurse’s Office if they are exhibiting symptoms.

Positive cases returning to school on day 6 after isolation MUST wear a mask from day 6-10. If positive cases prefer not to wear a mask, they must isolate at home for a full 10 days and may return on day 11.

Symptom Monitoring

No student, faculty, or staff member should come to school with 1 major symptom or 2 minor symptoms.

5-Day Isolation for Positive Cases

Any student, faculty, or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19, regardless of their vaccination status, must isolate at home for 5 days beginning the day after your symptoms began (if symptomatic) OR the day after you tested (if asymptomatic).

Beginning on day 6, the positive case will adhere to the following guidelines…

  1. Positive cases may return to school if they have NO symptoms. Not symptoms that are improving — NO SYMPTOMS WHATSOEVER.
  2. Must wear a proper and properly fitting mask everywhere for days 6-10.
  3. If individuals have a fever, they should isolate at home until their fever has been gone for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

If the above guidelines do not apply to positive cases between days 6-10, you may come off isolation on day 11 as was previously the case. If you prefer not to wear a mask, you must isolate at home for a full 10 days and may return on day 11.

Fully Vaccinated

You are considered “fully vaccinated” if ONE of the following criteria is met based on your age…

Age 18+ (Faculty, staff, and some students)

  1. You’ve received a COVID-19 booster shot.
  2. You’ve received 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the past 5 months.
  3. You’ve received 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine in the past 6 months.
  4. You’ve received 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the past 2 months.

Ages under 18 (Most students)

  1. You’ve received 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in the past 14 days.

As of latest guidance, negative tests are no longer required to return to school under any circumstances (close contact, household contact, travel, etc).

You should receive a test, however, if you develop any 1 symptom under any circumstances regardless of vaccination status.

To schedule one by phone, call 401.222.8022.

Positive Case Reporting

If a student, faculty, or staff member tests positive for COVID, they must report it to the School Nurse’s Office with the form below.

Absence/Isolation & Missed Work

Bishop Hendricken is providing full, in-person instruction. We will not be providing any live, synchronous instruction via Zoom. Rather, students who are in isolation will be given assignments and missed work by their teachers to complete while at home.

Faculty will also be accommodating in scheduling Zoom meetings as needed to work with students who are out for extended periods of time in isolation.

Questions & Contacts
COVID-19 Task Force

Mr. Mark DeCiccio ’03
Task Force Chair

Mrs. Jennifer Monti, RN
School Nurse
Task Force Medical Lead

Mr. James Pierce
Dean of Students, Grades 11-12
Case Research & Contact Tracing

Mr. Michael Monahan ’98
Dean of Students, Grades 9-10
Case Research & Contact Tracing

Mr. Christopher Sheehan ’09
Dean of Students, Grade 8
Case Research & Contact Tracing

Mr. Richard Sylvia
Dean of Campus Life
Case Research & Contact Tracing

Phone: 401.736.5985