High school is a lot like climbing.

It’s challenging, requires grit and hard work, and sometimes, can even be a little scary.

But, the view from the top is well worth it. 

You need a brotherhood behind you.

To get to the top, you want to be somewhere that pulls you out of your comfort zone, but feels like home.

Somewhere that doesn’t confine you, but encourages you to do it all, whatever your “it” is.

Well, you’ve found us.

Here, not even the sky's a limit.

Each and every day, Hendricken men are trying new things, facing challenges head-on, pushing through adversity, and most importantly, helping one another.

 Knowing no limits is not just what we do — it’s who we are.

Meet the Admissions Office

Christian Kabbas '14

Director of Admissions

Hey there! I’m Christian Kabbas. I’m a 2014 alumnus of the school, and I loved it so much that I came back right after college. My role is to serve as an information resource for you as you navigate the high school decision process. My goal is to ensure you know all you need and want to know about Hendricken!

Richie Sylvia

Director of Admissions

Hi! I’m Richard Sylvia, but you can call me Richie. I’m entering my 13th year at Hendricken, so you can tell I like it just a bit! It’s my job to make you feel at home here at Hendricken and guide you through the admissions process. My goal is to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for at 2615 Warwick Avenue.

Jackie White

Assistant Director of Admissions

Hello! I’m Jacqueline White, but you can call me Jackie. This is my 23rd year working in the Admissions Office. My sons graduated from Hendricken in 2006 and 2008, so I know exactly how you feel as a parent! My goal is to help you check off all the boxes on your admissions to-do list and make the process smooth for you.

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