Academic Support

Here for Every Learner

As a Catholic high school, Bishop Hendricken has a commitment to meeting learners where they are and helping them flourish. We work with students and parents to provide the support necessary for success inside and outside of the classroom.

We provide a continuum of services to ensure students find academic success. This flexible model allows the school to increase or decrease the level of intervention for a student over time, depending on his unique needs. All comprehensive services at Bishop Hendricken are included in a student’s tuition and are available at no additional cost. Academic Support Services is staffed by full-time faculty and staff. 

Academic Intervention

Academic Support Center (ASC)

The Academic Support Center (ASC) supports classroom instruction by assisting referred students with a variety of strategies to facilitate their learning. These strategies include, but are not limited to: study skills, test preparation, executive functioning skills, and self-advocacy.

Students will attend ASC once, twice, or in some cases, three times in a seven-day rotation during their free or study period. Following sessions in ASC, students can take the strategies they’ve learned and complete work independently.

A student can be referred to ASC by a teacher, parent, school counselor, administrator, or even themselves.

Study Academy

The Study Academy is a homeroom designed for students who require daily academic or organizational support. Led by a teacher who consistently monitors student progress, Study Academy provides frequent check-ins, pre-teaching and post-teaching, daily executive functioning support, and coordination with the student’s subject teachers. The Study Academy meets daily from 7:45am-8:25am and is available by grade level.

A student can be recommended for the Study Academy by the Admissions Office or Student Support Team. Placement is contingent upon approval from the Director of Academic Support Services and the student’s parents.

Support Specialist

The Support Specialist works with students who need personalized instruction in specific subjects to access the core curriculum. The specialist will attend certain classes with their students each day to provide specialized intervention.

Additionally, the Support Specialist works with a small group in a structured study each day as part of the students’ schedule. The study addresses a student’s skills-based needs across the core curriculum. School Counseling, in conjunction with the Support Specialist, develops a strategic four-year plan for each student they service.

A student is only referred to the Support Specialist by the Director of Academic Support Services or an administrator.

Student Support Team (SST)

The Student Support Team (SST) is a working group of administrators and counselors who actively identify at-risk students who are struggling academically, socially, psychologically, or medically and develop an action plan to help the student succeed.

SST often serves as an entry point for a student to access intervention services. SST meets regularly to proactively identify a student’s needs and holistically review progress.

Individualized Plans

  • School PlansA School Plan provides extended time and/or preferential seating in a classroom to students who need either or both. Students in need of a School Plan can receive one if they have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan that specifically notes the student needs extended time and/or preferential seating. Students can also receive a School Plan through a standardized evaluation*.
  • Learning PlansA Learning Plan provides students with accommodations in the classroom specific to their learning needs to fully access the Bishop Hendricken curriculum. Students can receive a Learning Plan through a standardized evaluation* and with approval from the Director of Academic Support Services in conjunction with academic performance at Bishop Hendricken.

*A standardized evaluation is either a neuropsychological evaluation OR an educational and psychological evaluation.

Additional Supports

Afterschool Math Help

Math tutoring is available for all students after school with peers and teachers on select days of the week. Math Help is staffed by members of the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematical Honor Society.

Bridge to Success

The Bridge to Success program is designed for students who have been out of school on extended absences due to medical, mental, or emotional circumstances. The program’s goal is to successfully and gradually reintegrate students into the full Hendricken experience — inside and outside of the classroom.

Hawks’ Writing Center

The Hawks’ Writing Center is modeled after college writing centers in which students staff spaces to help their peers with any step of the writing process. Students can get writing help for any subject. The Center is open to all students who might want help and is staffed by members of the National English Honor Society.

Library Services

Library Services provides space and access for students, faculty, and staff in pursuit of their studies. Library Services maintains a collection of over 17,000 titles, including e-books, and subscribes to several databases necessary for research, essays, and projects.

Morning Math Help

A member of the mathematics faculty provides help to students referred by their Math teacher or school counselor during the homeroom period, available five days a week.

School Social Worker

The School Social Worker is available for all students who need immediate assistance or frequent check-ins as it pertains to psychological, social, and emotional well-being. The School Social Worker works collaboratively with teachers, parents, and school counselors, and administrators to provide support for students.