Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of Bishop Hendricken is to build and strengthen the relationship of all members of the school community with God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do this through the development of the total person:  heart, mind, body and soul. 

Core Values

Servant Leadership

We commit ourselves to living out Christ’s message, and the mission of the Church, by doing for others.  We strive to fearlessly and fervently serve the poor, marginalized, voiceless, and those facing injustice. 


We take pride in the unique experience we share.  Through the life-long bonds we forge, we develop ourselves into young men who are faithful, successful, compassionate, and ready to serve. 


We challenge ourselves to do the right thing in every facet of campus life because it makes us better learners, peers, and people.


We immerse ourselves in spiritual, academic, athletic, artistic, service, and extracurricular opportunities with an emphasis on trying things we never have done before. 

Lifelong Learning

We dedicate ourselves to creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving, inside and outside of the classroom, on an educational path that goes far beyond high school. 


Rooted in the Roman Catholic faith, Bishop Hendricken is a college preparatory school seeking to prepare each student to serve the Church and the wider community through faith, learning, leadership, and Gospel-based service. Hendricken men meet the challenges of the present and the future, conscious of their own self-worth fashioned in the image of God, while being committed to responsible leadership in the loving service of others and the common good rooted in the power of the Gospel.