A letter from a Hawk.

A letter to Campus Ministry…

“Dear Mr. Gambardella:

I am writing to express my concern over the need for lunches to help feed the 19 men who have unstable food sources.

As an extremely busy college student, my meal schedule is very irregular and there are even days when I find myself skipping meals either accidentally or purposefully. All of this is done to accommodate my course work or other activities. Therefore, I know the consequences missing meals has on physical performance, mental well-being, and even academic success, as food is fuel for the body. I feel for these men and see the great need. Granted our situations are different in the fact that they cannot afford meals, while I just cannot afford the time.

For a school to realize this need and do something about it, I commend you. This makes me, an alumnus, very happy. For this reason I would like to donate to this cause.

Please find a $30 check enclosed to help support these men, by literally fueling their future for academic, athletic, and artistic success.”

Cory Morris ’18

That’s what Cory Morris ’18 did to make a difference in the life of a Hawk. What can you do to show you care?

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