The following is an editorial written by Alexander Morin ’23, originally featured in The Talon, Bishop Hendricken’s student newspaper

So far, my freshman year at Bishop Hendricken High School has been awesome. It is a little bit of a culture shock when you walk through those doors the first time, but eventually daily habits form and things become easier. Shaving and wearing business formal to school every day is a whole lot different than wearing whatever you want and looking however you want at school. The dress code, and many other rules Bishop Hendricken has, guarantee that you become the best possible person. One thing I do notice is the larger amounts of homework. In middle school, I was accustomed to five maybe even fifteen minutes of homework. Now almost every night I receive upwards of an hour maybe an hour and a half of homework. This, in my opinion, is much better as it makes you take your time and focus on school instead of other distractions. 

Daily life in school is great, the other students and faculty show compassion towards everyone. From the moment the bell for first period rings, it is business time. With sports coats on and bags in tow everyone makes it to class. It really is something to see when a couple hundred hawks are walking through the main hallways by the 100 wing. At least in my case, I had never really seen that many people in one school. Even at my middle school there had to have been only four or five hundred kids and in my eighth-grade class, there were only about two hundred people. That really was something though, the school does not look large from the outside. But once you enter Hendricken, it’s two floors and different wings are really surprising. At first the school was tough to navigate. The combination of a new place and the sort-of confusing layout would seem tough to grasp, but Taking Flight was very helpful in orienting us freshmen. 

Going from class to class, all across the school was also different at first. That was a brand-new thing to me, and I am sure to most freshmen. The teachers at Hendricken also seem to deeply care about your education. The differing paths, from Cp and Honors to AP classes the offerings are there for everyone. Classes are genuinely fun too. There are some laughs to be had in all classes but always after work is finished. The forty-five minute or so classes don’t feel too long or too short, and a lot gets done in that time. Like I said earlier, the homework seems like a lot, but in all actuality, it is not quite as bad.  

The day definitely goes by quicker if you have first lunch, yet second lunch works as well, but first is without a doubt the best. The cafeteria feels like you are going to restaurant. Feeling something different than a hamburger? Then get yourself the daily special. Want something Italian? Go grab a slice of pizza or a calzone. The selection of food does not disappoint. A little bit of a tangent, I know, but I like to eat, it’s what I do. 

It is stated that “The Mission of Bishop Hendricken High School is to strengthen the relationship of all members of the community with our God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do this through the development of the total human person: heart, mind, soul, and body.” And I truly believe that after my four years at Bishop Hendricken, I will most definitely be a better person in heart, in mind, in soul, and in body.