Prayers for Our Favorite Judge

The following is a message from Fr. Robert L. Marciano, KHS ’75, President, in prayerful support for Judge Frank Caprio P’84, ’85 on his recent cancer diagnosis: 

Last week, Judge Frank Caprio, P’84, ’85 revealed his cancer diagnosis and recent battle.

An honorary alumnus, alumni parent, and servant of education across Rhode Island, Judge Caprio was was the first-ever recipient of Bishop Hendricken’s Distinguished Public Service Award in 2021 for his many years of service to the practice of law as the Chief Judge for the Providence Municipal Court. His compassion, kindness, and application of the law to those before him from the bench has made him a world-renowned figure, a household name, an Emmy Award nominee, and a man of deep Catholic faith of whom we are so very proud to claim as a member of our Hendricken family.

“The entire Bishop Hendricken family — the 600+ boys on campus, our faculty, staff, and 14,000+ alumni — pledge our daily Masses and prayers to Hendricken’s favorite son. May the Divine Physician hear us and answer our prayers for continued health of one of His own!