88th Army Band to perform alongside Concert Band next week

Warwick community veterans and alumni invited to the open concert on Wednesday, May 8th

For further information, contact: Michele King, Director of Communications, mking@hendricken.com, 401.739.3450, ext. 131.

WARWICK, RI (May 9, 2019) – Fr. Robert L. Marciano, KHS ’75 and Bishop Hendricken High School will host a special concert performed by the Governor’s Own 88th Army Band alongside the Bishop Hendricken Concert Band on Wednesday, May 15th from 11:30am-12:30pm in the Dr. Daniel S. Harrop Theater on the campus of Bishop Hendricken.

The concert is completely open to all veterans in the Warwick community, as well as alumni veterans.

“As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day as a nation, and to rightfully thank those who have served uniform and gone before us, we are honored here at Hendricken to welcome the 88th Army Band and Chief Warrant Officer Todd Garrepy,” said Fr. Robert Marciano ’75, President. “Their inspiring music matches their inspiring lives, and lifts our hearts to the God who gave us this great nation between the seas to call our home. May God continue to bless and protect our brave men and women in uniform and see fit to bless America, too.”

As part of the musical collaboration, the 88th Army Band will host six Hendricken student musicians at its rehearsal on Saturday, May 11th. These six musicians will perform the full concert alongside the Governor’s Own band. The entirety of Bishop Hendricken’s Concert Band will play two musical selections side-by-side with the Army Band at Wednesday’s performance.

“It is a great honor for our students to play alongside the ‘Governor’s Own’ and to hear these amazing musicians perform here at Bishop Hendricken,” said Mr. Sean Donnelly ’07, Instrumental Music Program Coordinator. “Service bands have played such an important role in music education and our American music heritage. This has been a great opportunity for our students to learn how they can use their passion for music to serve our country.”

For more information on the concert, please contact Sean Donnelly ’07, Instrumental Music Program Coordinator, at sdonnelly@hendricken.com.