Bishop Hendricken announces new department chairs

New department chairs announced for English, Science, and Theology

WARWICK, RI (April 20, 2020) – Today, Mr. Mark DeCiccio ’03, Principal, announced new department chair appointments for English, Science, and Theology for the 2020-2021 Academic Year beginning in the fall.

Among the appointments, Ms. Melissa Andrews will lead the English department, Mr. William Johnston ’99 will chair the Science department, and Fr. Brian Morris ’03 will direct the Theology department.

“The future for Bishop Hendricken is a bright one, and these appointments are just another example of that,” said Mr. Mark DeCiccio. “Each of these new appointees have big shoes to fill with the departure of our current chairs, who, I simply cannot thank enough for their leadership, commitment, and effort. I know our new chairs will continue the positive academic progress put in motion by their predecessors.”

These appointments come with the well-deserved and hard-earned retirements of current department chairs at the end of this school year, including Mrs. Jeanne Babula of the Science department and Mr. Jack Berry of the Theology department. Additionally, Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, current chair of the English department, is moving on from Bishop Hendricken at the conclusion of this academic year after 11 years of devoted service to our students. We wish Jeanne, Jack, and Elizabeth all the best moving forward, and thank them profusely for their tireless, unrelenting, and dedicated service to our school community.

On the Department Chair Appointees:

Ms. Melissa Andrews, English
From Ms. Andrews: “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to serve as department chair for and alongside such incredible teachers in the English department! The English teachers at Hendricken are creative, innovative, enthusiastic, and are truly the best team of which I’ve ever been a part. I consider it a huge honor to be able to continue the amazing work that Mrs. Thompson has inspired in each of us. I’m excited to see how our team grows in the future and can’t wait to represent my dear friends and colleagues in this new role!”

From Mr. DeCiccio: “Ms. Andrews enthusiastic approach will breathe new life into our already very strong English department. She has exciting new ideas to update the current reading materials, as well as bring new and current real-world material into our classes. Ms. Andrews is extremely organized and always puts her students first.”

Mr. William Johnston ’99, Science
From Mr. Johnston: “The Bishop Hendricken Science Department has a long tradition of excellence. I will try my very best to use this opportunity to add to that tradition as we move forward.”

From Mr. DeCiccio: “Mr. Johnston will lead by example, support students and teachers, and review the current science curriculum to ensure that our courses give our students the advantages they need for their post-secondary pursuits. Our shared vision of the Science department is one of increased technology and engineering opportunities, and it’s very exciting to have Mr. Johnston lead the way.” 

Fr. Brian Morris ’03, Theology
From Fr. Brian: “As a Catholic school dedicated to turning boys into men of virtue, I’m greatly honored and humbled by the task of leading the Theology Department at Bishop Hendricken. We have an outstanding band of teachers who are passionate about filling the hearts of their students with the love of the Risen Christ. I look forward to working with them and our administration to continue the tradition of producing righteous men who go forth from these halls and change the world for the better.”

Mr. DeCiccio: “I want to thank Bishop Tobin for allowing this to happen and blessing us with Father Brian Morris. Since his first day as our Chaplain, Father Morris has shown his dedication to our students, parents, faculty and staff. Father Morris is already working on updating our theology curriculum and finding new ways to bring our young men, teachers, and staff closer to God.”