Bishop Hendricken names 2020 Healey Scholars

In emotional calls, Fr. Marciano ’75 notifies incoming Healey Scholarship recipients

Mr. Joseph P. Healey ’84. Click to enlarge.

WARWICK, RI (April 14, 2020) – On Wednesday, April 8th, Father Robert L. Marciano, KHS ’75 had the unique privilege of making phone calls that would be the answer to many prayers, and ultimately, will change lives forever.

Each year, Mr. Joseph P. Healey ’84 funds four full scholarships for incoming students to attend Bishop Hendricken at no cost over the course of their four years. Last week, Fr. Marciano called the recipients of this year’s Healey Scholarships to notify them of their award. Presently, Mr. Healey has 17 scholars in the building.

As each mother and student spoke with Father on the phone and received the news, tears of joy flowed on both ends of the line.

“Although there is a sizable cash amount to these scholarships, the award is literally priceless,” said Fr. Marciano. “We are so very grateful to Mr. Healey, who each year makes us proud by giving a Hendricken education to these fine young men. In this Holy Week as we remember the great love of Jesus who sacrificed His life for us, saved us, and set us free, we thank God for men like Mr. Healey who learned that same love here and the difference it makes as he still passes it on!”

The newest Healey Scholars include:

Steven M. Correia, Jr. from Sacred Heart School, East Providence
“Winning this scholarship and attending Hendricken will challenge me to be my best self in and out of school, help me get college scholarships, and surround me with people that can teach me life lessons that I can always carry with me.”

John “Jack” H. LaRose from North Cumberland Middle School, Cumberland
“The opportunity to become a Bishop Hendricken student would allow me to maximize my education, and most importantly, give me a Catholic education. I believe that Catholic education helps to put people on a path to become successful in all aspects of his life.”

Philopateer M. Morcous from Goff Middle School, Pawtucket
“One of my goals is to continue developing my current talents, as well as finding new ones in as many activities as possible at Hendricken. I would like to graduate and be able to go to Brown University, which is my dream college. My most important goals are to learn more and endure the love of God in my heart.”

Ethan R. Quinn from Winman Junior High School, Warwick
“Since I was in kindergarten at St. Kevin’s School, I have wanted to go to Hendricken. Some benefits of receiving this scholarship would be, first and foremost, to allow me to attend Hendricken, which would help me to become a well-rounded student and prepare me for college and beyond.”