The following is an editorial written by Thomas Simonetti ’23, originally featured in The Talon, Bishop Hendricken’s student newspaper

Coming into Bishop Hendricken, I did not know if I was going to like it. On the first day of school, I remember being very shy and unsure if I was going to make friends. But, after noticing that I wasn’t the only one going through this, I became more comfortable. I began to have fun in classes, and the high school environment was starting to feel more normal. I felt like I belonged at Hendricken, and I wasn’t one of the “new kids” anymore.

Every day kept getting better and better because of the teachers and the other students. I started to look forward to coming to school because it was just more time for me to spend with my friends. School began to feel less like a task, and more like an opportunity to learn and have fun. Then, I started to get involved after school.

I joined the Unified Volleyball team. This was a great experience because I got to get involved with some of the Options students whom with I don’t have classes. I also joined the Ambassadors Club. At first I was nervous, but after giving a few tours to prospective families, I started to realize it was something that I really enjoy. It reminded me that not so long ago I was an eighth grader anxious about high school. This made me feel good about myself because I was helping kids see what Bishop Hendricken is actually like. Giving tours made me feel like Hendricken was actually my school, not something that was just in the future.

I started to join more clubs and fully realize all that Hendricken has to offer its students. I participated in the fall musical, ALL SHOOK UP, not knowing if I’d like the experience. After a couple rehearsals, I soon knew this was something that brought me joy, and something I would look forward to during the school day. It brought me a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

So far, I have loved my experience at Hendricken. If I ever have trouble in a class, I always know I can go to that teacher for extra help. The student body has such an accepting attitude, and no one will be criticized on what they want to do here. In fact, there is something for everyone. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed the first couple of months as a freshman at Hendricken. I am so grateful to be at this school, and I am so excited for my next four years as a Hawk.