Mrs. Natalie Kessimian named Assistant Principal

Kessimian becomes first female academic administrator in school history

Mrs. Natalie Kessimian, Assistant Principal. Click to enlarge.

WARWICK, RI (May 18, 2021) – Today, Mr. Mark R. DeCiccio ’03, Principal, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Natalie Kessimian, Director of Academic Support Services and the Options Program, as Bishop Hendricken High School’s Assistant Principal. Kessimian will transition into the role over the remainder of the 2020-2021 Academic Year. In this position, Kessimian becomes the first female academic administrator in Bishop Hendricken’s 62-year history.

Kessimian’s role will focus on the whole of the academic experience for students, with particular emphases on curriculum assessment, instructional technology, and faculty professional development. Kessimian will have primary responsibility for comprehensively revising and evaluating current curriculum, as well as developing and implementing changes, including the integration of new instructional technology. She will also lead the INSPIRE internship program, a teaching-and-learning mentor program, Advanced Placement testing, Academic Council, and professional development opportunities for teachers.

“You could not find an individual as sharp and enthusiastic about helping our boys succeed than Mrs. Kessimian,” said DeCiccio. “She has a proven track record of cultivating academically enriching programs and bringing them to new heights, as evidenced by her leadership of the Options Program, Academic Support Services, and more. As with everything she does, Mrs. Kessimian always keeps student experience as her top priority. She’s the perfect fit for this new opportunity.”

Kessimian’s first major task will be an extensive review of Bishop Hendricken’s curriculum across academic departments in order to provide the most up-to-date instruction to the school’s 650+ students.

Mr. Mark DeCiccio ’03, Principal & Mrs. Natalie Kessimian, Assistant Principal. Click to enlarge.

“I’m incredibly excited to continue working with the dedicated teachers, students, and staff here at Bishop Hendricken in this new role,” Kessimian said. “I look forward to building on our commitment to educational improvement by doing my part to bring Bishop Hendricken further into the 21st century with new learning strategies and technology. We have very bright days ahead as a school community.”

Kessimian has been a Bishop Hendricken faculty member since 2014. During her tenure here, she has served as a strong advocate for students of all learning types and levels, especially those in need of academic support. As Director of the Options Program, then Director of Academic Support Services, Kessimian has led several initiatives that focus on meeting students where they are academically, challenging them, and helping them grow. Beyond Bishop Hendricken, Kessimian proudly serves as a member of the Exceptional Learners’ Task Force with Superintendent Daniel J. Ferris, a group whose goal is to create more inclusive classrooms across the Diocese of Providence.

Additionally, Kessimian also oversees the Bishop Hendricken Bridge Program, Academic Support Center, the CP Program, and Academic Probation. She also serves on the Student Support Team, School Improvement Team, Academic Council, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Admissions Review Committee, and the NEASC Accreditation Steering Committee.


Christian Kabbas ’14
Sr. Manager, Communications & Marketing