It began with a sweater.

“It was on the day all of the freshmen moms and dads came to school for orientation.

Like most of the other parents there, mine used the opportunity to buy items from the bookstore. At the time, I still didn’t have a sweater that matched dress code, so they went in to look for one. After buying what they thought was the right one, they went ahead and asked Mr. Jackson to confirm. It turned out that they purchased the wrong one, and to make matters worse, they didn’t have the money on them to buy the one I needed. My parents started to walk away disappointed that they would have to come back and buy another sweater, but then Mr. Jackson came up to them. He took out $50 from his own wallet, went inside the store, and paid for the sweater himself.

As an immigrant family who sometimes feels unwelcome in some places for being different, that single action meant everything to us. We saw what being a part of Hendricken really means: having a family that cares about you. I knew from then on that Hendricken offered something that could not be found anywhere else. That charitable act by Mr. Jackson epitomized what it meant to be a Hendricken man, and that type of man is what I now aspire to be.”

– Michael Ochoa ’21

That’s what John Jackson ’71 did to show he cares about the students of Bishop Hendricken. What will you do?

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