Stories Over Stigma comes to Bishop Hendricken on May 20th

Wes Woodson always wanted to be perfect and accepted by others, even if it meant hiding his true emotions under the surface. As a kid growing up in a predominantly white suburban neighborhood, Wes often felt not good enough. He began to believe that he needed external validation to prove that he was.

He struggled academically and sought to reinvent himself throughout middle and high school by pretending that his anxiety didn’t exist. He felt sure that if he changed himself on the outside, he would find some relief for his internal feelings.

Now a mental health speaker and advocate, Wes travels the country sharing his story to inspire others to feel less ashamed of their own mental health challenges and find a way to validate themselves. As part of Changing Minds: Stories Over Stigma, Wes will be at Bishop Hendricken to speak to the entire student body on Monday, May 20, 2024 at 11am.

To learn more about Wes, click here. To learn more about Minding Your Mind, click here.