Bishop Hendricken announces Class of 2020 Top Ten

On Zoom, Top Ten share their experiences and future plans

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WARWICK, RI (May 5, 2020) – Usually, the graduating class’s top ten students would receive the presidential treatment when they’re notified of their class ranking at the end of the year, including a sit-down lunch, conversation with administration, and sharing of their plans after life at Bishop Hendricken.

Like most gatherings, in the age of COVID-19, Bishop Hendricken’s Top Ten tradition looked much different this year. Instead of taking a seat in the President’s Courtyard Dining Room, the boys populated the small squares of a Zoom conference call with Fr. Maricano ’75 and Mr. DeCiccio ’03 last Wednesday morning.

“Under normal circumstances, we would have rolled out the red carpet, enjoyed lunch, and came together,” said Mr. DeCiccio, Principal. “Though we’re not able to do that this year, we want you to know just how proud of you we are. To be the top of any senior class is impressive, but it’s even more so given the historic circumstances into which the Class of 2020 is graduating.”

But, what didn’t change was the shared camaraderie, fellowship, and gratitude.

On the call, students went around one-by-one, sharing their favorite memories from the past 4 or 5 years, talking about teachers that influenced them, and discussing their college plans. Read some of the highlights from each student below.

* Please Note: Top Ten as of Wednesday, April 29, 2020 and closure of Quarter 3. Subject to change with posting of final grades.

Logan Cuthill ’20
Favorite Experience(s): The ability to become fully involved and challenge myself!
Most Influential Faculty: Mrs. Gesmundo
College Plans: Northeastern University

Joseph D’Alfonso ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Academic Decathlon and traveling with the band
Most Influential Faculty: Sr. Carol Anne Murray
College Plans: Vanderbilt University

Grant Dator ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Swimming
Most Influential Faculty: Sr. Carol Anne Murray and Mr. Manning
College Plans: Dartmouth College

Luke Dolan ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Chorus
Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Manning, Mr. Morey & Mr. Alexander
College Plans: University of Notre Dame

Logan LeMay ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Academic Decathlon
Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Quigley
College Plans: University of Connecticut or University of Rhode Island

Timothy Moren ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Academic Decathlon & Leadership Academy
Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Mancuso
College Plans: University of Notre Dame

Alexander Pate ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Being a Peer Mentor in the Options Program
Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Quigley
College Plans: University of Rhode Island

Justin Richard ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Golf
Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Mancuso
College Plans: Vanderbilt University

David Weekers ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Attending the Hendricken-La Salle football and hockey games!
Most Influential Faculty: Sr. Carol Anne Murray
College Plans: University of Alabama 

Robert Whalen ’20
Favorite Experience(s): Leadership Academy & Student Council
Most Influential Faculty: Sr. Carol Anne Murray & Ms. Davenport
College Plans: Clarkson University